Manitou's Sparkling Joppe

 Manitou's Sparkling Joppe
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Callname: Joppe

Date of birth: 20-4-2012
53 cm, 21 kg.
Pedigreenumber: NHSB 2889974 (imp. USA)
DNA profiled
PRA: carrier
CEA: normal/clear by parentage
CP1: free by parentage
Jadd: Probable N/N (normal)
DM: normal/clear
ECVO: clear
DE: clear by parentage

German champion (VDH) 
Luxemburg champion

Luxembourg Juniorchampion

German Juniorchampion (VDH)

Belgian Juniorchampion


Joppe is our youngest male. He is born at Manitou Kennels in Minnesota, United States. We were really interested in the combination Tori x Max and were happy that Grant and Cindy Lindemer trusted us with a puppy from this litter. Joppe has the best temperament, he is sweet, very outgoing and gets along with everyone. We have done gundog training since August 2014, in November 2015 we have started circle training. He loves learning new stuff which makes it a real joy to train him. He passed two dummytests on C-level and entered for his first workingtest in November 2015.


Joppe has sired two litters: at our own kennel with Luna and at kennel Casarrondo in Germany with Naru. For the winter 2016/2017 there are three more litters planned: at kennel Of Red Glorykennel Tabbenoca's and kennel Targaryen Fire.

Pedigree Joppe